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Thursday, July 23, 2015

Dear Valued Customers:

Because we are so proud to call Central Florida home, we have decided to change the name of our Classic Ranch to Indian River Ranch. Be assured nothing about the recipe will change, only the name. We felt if we are making fresh dressings and sauces right here on the Space Coast of Florida we wanted to pay tribute to our great state. The Indian River Lagoon System running the length of Florida is a very vital part of what makes Florida great as are so many fine products being produced by small businesses in this locale. As we pay tribute by identifying our home, we would like to thank you for procuring as much of your food service needs locally within our Central Florida Community.

Your Neighbor,



CranCo Foods


Dear Valued Customers:

Hello and welcome to the fall season. We at CranCo Foods want to bring in the fall festivities with a great new Dressing. Our in house artist of creative taste has done it again.

Our new creation is an Apple Maple Vinaigrette. For just $10.95/gal, this would make a great addition to your holiday menu's.  This is just one of the many creations we would love to share with you. Our intentions are to feature a different dressing each month at a reduced cost for you to try. We are very excited in bringing you many of our products that you might not be aware of.

You'll find these featured dressing right here on our web site.

We also want to thank you for your stead-fast business and all of your support.

Have a happy and safe upcoming holiday season from all of us at CranCo Foods.


Scampi Sauce is a margarine compound flavored with garlic and herbs. It should be stored refrigerated for up to thirty (30) days, but as with all BELLA SALATA Saute Compounds, it may be frozen to extend it's shelf life. Even frozen, it is soft enough to work with.

Scampi Sauce is a versatile product and has many uses beyond the traditional Shrimp Scampi. Here are a few suggestions and recipes to get you started.

Galic Bread - Spread on sliced Italian bread and heat in the oven until the sauce is melted and the bread is crusty, or melt Scampi Sauce and brush over fresh rolls or "knots".

Shrimp or Seafood Scampi - Using about two tablespoons of sauce per service, melt sauce in a saute pan over medium heat. Add shrimp or your choice of seafoods and cook until seafood is opaque. No need to add any other ingrediants - everything is in this tasty sauce. Serve over pasta or rice and wait for the compliments.

Grilled Chicken ala Scampi - Score skinless, boneless chicken breasts on the grill. Do not cook completely. Remove chicken breast from grill and place on a pan or sizzle platter. Top chicken with dabs of Scampi Sauce and place pan in a 400 F oven to "finish" Serve with rice pilaf and vegetables for a colorful presentation.

Seafood Mixed Grill - Using the above application with 2 oz. portions of salmon, tuna, halibut and/or sword-fish. Add a kebob of shrimp and scallps and serve on a bed of steamed spinach with rice pilaf and a roasted tomato crown.

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