CranCo Foods Specialty Dressings and Sauces is making its mark in Central Florida and beyond. As a wholesaler of specialty dressings and sauces, CranCo Industries, Inc. d/b/a CranCo Foods, processes, packages and distributes fresh product from its facility in Rockledge, Florida.

The company's origins go back to 1992 when Ed Cranisky, a former food and beverage manager with Walt Disney World and his Chef/partner Patrice Shuback bought the company that was producing the dressings they used in their Merritt Island restaurant, Pleasurable Edibles.

Originally founded in 1976 by Chef Paul Wolf in Altamonte Springs, Florida. The business was eventually relocated to Volusia County in the 1980's as Chef Wolf Salad Dressings. Chef Wolf's concept was simple - to produce a unique, fresh, high quality dressing that his customers could be proud to serve to their guests. The idea was well received and soon Chef Wolf Dressings were being distributed throughout Central Florida. After Paul's death in 1990 the company lost its focus, but not the notice of Ed, who was now a restaurateur using Paul's dressings. In fact, Ed refers to himself as the Victor Kiam of foods - "I liked the dressing so much, I bought the company!"

He knew that his friend Paul's product was too good to watch it fade into obscurity. After striking a deal with the family and many months of commuting to Volusia County, the company was relocated to Rockledge, Florida operating as part of CranCo Industries, Inc. Although aware of the goodwill value of the Chef Wolf name, CranCo made a dramatic move in marketing strategy and in October of 1997 changed the name of the brand to BELLA SALATA Specialty Dressings and Sauces. While maintaining the quality and integrity of the Chef Wolf formulas, the company was able to move in a new direction. Along with the new name, a new logo was adopted and customer response was very positive. As president, Ed Cranisky was ready to move his company into the new millennium.

Today, the main focus of the company is still the original concept of producing the highest quality, fresh, made from scratch salad dressing and sauces for wholesale to the Food service Industry. Supporting this are personalized services led by an outstanding General Manager, Maria D'Alessandro.

Plans include wider distribution and more creative marketing of the product, creation of more jobs and continued development of CranCo Industries, Inc. as an asset to Central Florida.